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Fascinating Glimpse of White House Stress

So NBC was granted access to the White House May 29th, and caught an interesting meeting between Larry Summers, Obama, and another man we don’t see or know. Obama needs to talk to the Germans, and Summers has bad news to brief him on first, before then quickly telling the cameras to leave before the juicy details are forthcoming.  At the 7:20 mark of Part I of the video is where the action gets interesting. 

Keep in mind the Germans are very unhappy with our fiscal negligence and irresponsibility, and are rumored to be demanding their gold held in storage here to be returned promptly to its homeland.

Thanks to Bix Weir for bringing this video to my attention on one of my favorite websites, www.goldseek.com

 Here is the NBC link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30892505/#31073805


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