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Protest Obama…Don’t Buy GM, Chrysler

Obama’s radical socialism is now in full view of the American public and world with his takeover of these two companies – yes, it’s the govt and not him, but listen to his speeches and you’ll grow very tired of his use of the pronoun ‘I’.  There’s a very simple way to protest his actions and thwart his vision and plans – don’t buy from these two automakers.  If you want to remain patriotic, buy a Ford.  Never has it been so easy, painless, and effortless to stage a protest.  There’s no sacrifice.  What cars do these two companies make that are totally unlike anything Ford or the foreign automakers produce?  Let them continue to whither and die, and then let’s see what Emperor Obama plans to do…throw more taxpayer billions into them?  Just maybe that would stir up the masses to finally say ‘enough is enough!’.


2 Responses to “Protest Obama…Don’t Buy GM, Chrysler”

  1. Good advice and good for Ford! I hope to God they make it w/out the Socialist.

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