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Sports Stuff; Govt Bond Mkt

Some of you may have been waiting for the sports part of the blog’s name to pop out…well here it is.  I write about sports over at Sportscity.com.  I have a general sports blog called Speedburner on Sports, a tennis blog called Todd’s Tennis Takes, and an NBA Awards during the regular season.  Many of my Silver Monthly articles are also posted here on SPDBRNR.

By the way folks, we ended the day horribly in the govt bond market, the 10 yr jumping from 3.72 to 3.86 in yield today – Fri the 5th.  The dollar staged a rally, seemingly because for now, the Fed is saying it won’t add to it’s $300m buying program…this won’t last, there’s just too much issuance for the natural buyers to absorb, especially at still ridiculously low rates on a historical basis, and in light of current market dynamics (fundamentals).

On the bright side, I know many of my readers are Laker fans, and they crushed a very low caliber NBA finals representitive in Orlando…Lakers should win in no more than 5 games.

But they like to underachieve at times, so we’ll see.


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