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Todd’s Tennis Takes – Fed Makes History

Fed Ties Pete, Completes Career Slam!

He’s the best, period.

It was an historic day for men’s tennis, but a below average day to see a great match.  This match went as could be expected, a Fed romp over the latest installment of Andrei Medvedev, Magnus Norman, and Martin Verkerk…a suprising, taller than average finalist totally outclassed by his opponent on clay.  Fed showed why he is the best, and to be honest, to the surprise of this writer who actually lost $$$ betting against another Fed slam 2 months ago.  I didn’t think he had it in him, but he battled against Haas and Del Potro, taking out the young talented Argentine 6-4 in the 5th, in what was the true final.  I believe Del Potro could easily take Gonzo & Soderling down in 4, the other semifinalists.  And I loved Fed’s forehand drop shot.  Ironically, I was just practicing drop shots Fri night on my backyard dinkum court…his are much better.

 Soderling never made it beyond the 3rd round of a slam before this…I think he’ll make the 4th a few times, maybe a quarter here or there, but never a semi again, just a guess.  His forehand is rather ugly though effective; I hate his form.  Maybe it was seeing him share the court with Fed’s sublime excellence that made his star seem so dim.  Fed made history, Soderling was kind of just there…the match just lacked any true drama, outside of a 2nd set tiebreak (quickly quelled 7-1), if lost by Fed, would have been followed with a 3rd & 4th set pummeling – you could just see how much better he was playing than Soderling throughout – movement, serving (16 aces to 2), and 5 drop shot winners. 

 Highlight of the tournament for me?  Ivo Karlovic’s record 55 aces in a 1st round 5 set loss to Hewitt, an ATP record, on the French clay, which remained the high tourney total through the quarterfinals.  That averages to 11 aces per set…

 Finally, Rafael Nadal’s knee is bothering him, putting his Wimbledon participation in doubt, according to uncle and coach Toni Nadal, who is “not too optimistic”, saying Rafa is “very affected” by his knee,.  Who will play Fed in the final?  No Joke, Murray, Del Potro, Roddick?  Those are my 4 favorites to be there, would be very shocked to see any other name in the Wimbledon final.  Look for a TTT preview a few days before Wimbledon begins at Todd’s Tennis Takes under Blogs at SportsCity.com.


2 Responses to “Todd’s Tennis Takes – Fed Makes History”

  1. Glad you can stop Fed, for a minute, and admit he is the best. Maybe just had a mediocre 2008, if we can even call Fed’s play mediocre.

  2. Yes…I was too quick to dismiss a tennis great as done…I’m glad I was wrong.

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