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Humor and Comedy

I inherited more than just my bad fashion sense from my dad, I also got his sense of humor.  I love a good joke, love to laugh, and love to get with my brother, take a joke, and push it as far as it can go, until just the two of us are laughing and everyone else is baffled by us.  Here are some of my favorite shows both from yesteryear and today.  I’ve posted links to the more obscure ones.

Three’s Company – always a favorite of mine, I met Janet (Joyce DeWitt) at Wimbledon in 1984 in the NBC tent and saw that she was actually just like she was on the show, very bubbly.

Saved By The Bell – The show was so corny you just had to laugh, and I always thought Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies) was extremely cute…and Tiffany Amber Thiessen & Elizabeth Berkely – all star cast of cuties!

The Simpsons – What can I say, I certainly have company on this one…19 years running now?

Futurama – Matt Groening’s better cartoon show, Bender is a hilarious dastardly robot, Fry is classic, and any episode with Zapp Brannigan, the over the top, idiot, cluelessly full of himself captain of a competing ship, is a must see.

Strangers With Candy – Steven Colbert’s big break into comedy, it starred Amy Sedaris – a 40+, unintelligent, slutty, clueless high school student.  The concept is bizzare, but it’s funny as hell. The movie version will be on Comedy Central this weekend, check it out.

Home Movies – Very under the radar, it’s a cartoon by Brendan Small about a boy who makes movies with his two friends.  The coach at their school, John McGuirk, is a hilarious caricature of the loser grammar school P.E. teacher. Seek it out on Comedy Central for reruns.

Family Guy – It’s all about Baby Stewie and Brian the dog – when they have big roles, the episodes are classic.  If they don’t, the comedy is very average.

Lil Bush – Another cartoon that starred Bush 2, Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, and all the gang as little kids while George Herbert Walker is president.  Great writing, some of the funniest cartoons ever produced – maybe my favorite on this list.

Colbert Report – Steven Colbert is probably the most intelligent, quick-witted comedian I’ve ever seen.  Very creative and sharp, his show is a treat, and more entertaining than The Daily Show, I think.  He’s in Iraq this week, and actually had his head shaved  on the show.

Anyway…that’s what I like in the world of humor.  If you have any off-the-wall shows that I missed, let me know.  And outside of TV, I am huge fan of Dilbert (actually the show and the strip), The Far Side, and Mr Boffo. And I think Zoolander might be my favorite movie comedy of all time.


2 Responses to “Humor and Comedy”

  1. Dad doesn’t have bad fashion sense. I don’t know where you got your’s from! Lol.

  2. I’ve always regarded white socks, penny loafers, and shorts as questionable fashion sense…if not bad.

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