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Since I was young I’ve liked music, and always been very opinionated & passionate about it.  Music that I really like, I really get into, and music I don’t like, I often can’t stand to listen to.  I liked punk as a kid, though never came close to joining that counterculture scene.  Junior year of high school a cousin with many much older siblings got me into Led Zeppelin and those legendary late 60’s, 1970’s rock bands.  Zep’s ‘Kashmir’ from 1975’s Physical Graffiti is a favorite.

I got very into classical in college and was first introduced to techno there.  I love both, especially when a techno song covers a classical tune, such as this right here Beethoven’s Fur EliseVivaldi is my favorite musical artist of all time, with many of his violin concertos and sonatas being my favorite music to listen to, including ‘Variations on La Folia’In Vivaldi’s day, pre Mozart or Beethoven, they used a harpsichord, not a piano, and it’s a beautiful instrument.

Favorite artist from the 1990’s – easy, Cobain & Nirvana…and All Apologies is my favorite from them. A couple of my recent favorites are below, ‘Handlebars’ from 2008 and ‘Zero’ from this year. Worth a listen if you don’t know them…

 ‘Handlebars’ by the Flobots – Beautiful piece of music and poetic, interesting lyrics.  Listen to the guitar solo at the start…lasts exactly 14 seconds – could easily be put into a beautiful soft classical piece.

‘Zero’ by Yeah Yeah Yeahs – The song doesn’t start until the 22 second mark of this video…it’s well worth the wait – combines a great catchy pop melody and a hint of the techno driving beat.  This song amps you up, especially at the 2:41 mark of the song (synthesizer kicks in)…would love to warm up for a tennis or volleyball match while listening to it.

Look for a daily ‘Todd’s Tune’ feature from the SPDBRNR Blog, complete with pink link, of course.  The link will pop up in a new window, so it can become music to surf to while you peruse SPDBRNR and the rest of the web…if you like it.


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