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Silver Hits Key $14.50 Support Area

Does it hold? If not, beware for accelerating selling triggered by stops in this area. For long term investors, more time to buy cheap.  Acting very poor in June(chart) – lower highs and lower lows, down over 10% from early June peak of $16.20. If 50 cents breaks, you’d like to see $14 hold. 

 DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind, my only advice on this blog is to own some physical silver for the long haul, for safety from govt issued paper, and for appreciation in value…(also enjoy your life, follow your passions).  My commentary re support/resistance, key price levels, etc, is because after almost 7 years on the Pacific Stock Exchange in the 1990’s, trading is in my blood. I’m trying to just report what I see on the charts and in the daily price action, no recommended trades are forthcoming from SPDBRNR.


One Response to “Silver Hits Key $14.50 Support Area”

  1. Silver continued to get hammered Monday, falling to around $14.05 before bouncing a bit in the Asian trade, now around $14.20. Nice to see the $14 level hold, if it can hold above there tomorrow on the COMEX, that’ll be even better. A strong dollar today due to Russian comments was the excuse to hammer gold, silver, oil, and other commodities.

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