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Stimulus Joke, Amazing Biden Quote

So by now most people are aware that the stimulus package is largely a huge waste of taxpayer dollars/borrowed dollars, but here are two examples of the type of projects being funded.  First, there is $1.1 million to repair a 6 mile stretch of guard rail on a completely desolate stretch of highway in Oklahoma

Then, far worse, $100 million plans to be spent upgrading a Federal Building in Kansas City to ‘modernize’ its energy systems and save $45,000 a month in energy costs.  Super, so the whole thing pays for itself in a mere 185 years…if that $100,000,000 was interest free!

So these are just two examples of waste in this package, as the entire bill itself is yet another testament to government waste and inefficiency.  The funny thing is, they don’t even pretend to be efficient anymore; read this quote from vice president Joe Biden: “There are going to be mistakes made…We know some of this money is going to be wasted”.  Wow!  I guess give him credit for honesty??

This is why I’m shocked to hear people say we need the govt to help us out of the mess we’re in – hey people, govt largely put us in this mess!  They encouraged irresponsible lending, they let Wall St run wild and were completely derelict in their regulatory duties.  Now look at the money they are wasting to ‘stimulate’ us out of this mess. The only answer is less govt – a return to Constitutional govt.  Governments by their very nature are not to be trusted – our founding fathers knew that well (and also knew never to let a private central bank, i.e. The Federal Reserve, control the money supply).  Sadly, the American public has either forgotten that, or never learned it.  They’ll learn the hard way now.


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