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Solid Economic Analysis

Here is a link to very well written article by James Quinn outlining the facts about where America stands economically and financially right now. Littered with charts, graphs, and statistics, you’ll see we’ve been heading to where we are for a while now, though certainly the accelerator was pressed hard since 2000.  It’s long, so I’m leaving you with my favorite quote from the piece if you don’t have enough time for it all.

http://financialsense.com/editorials/quinn/2009/0611.html –   “[we need to]…increase investment in things that will create real wealth. Real energy self sufficiency projects such as nuclear power plants, coal powered plants, wind farms, natural gas pipelines, liquid natural gas facilities, electrical grid upgrades, replacement of crumbling water and sewer pipes, and upgrading of our public transportation and road networks are what is needed. Is this being done? No…. Instead, grand healthcare schemes are being dreamed up that will add trillions more to our crushing debt and the government takes over the car industry. This will end no better than a rear end collision with a Ford Pinto.”


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