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Bureaucratic Ineptitude and Stupidity

This one is unbelievable…

An assistant district superintendent accidentally made a clerical error, so now students at two grammar schools in Chino Hills, CA have 34 days of extra school. 34 shortened days that were supposed to be 180 minutes long were only 170 or 175 minutes long – that’s the ineptitude.  The stupidity is that instead of tallying up the minutes and adding an extra day to the school year, the retarded law states that the shortened days don’t count at all – so students who had summer plans have to instead go to school for 6 or 7 more weeks!! And the school has to abide or it loses $7 million in state funding. 

Don’t you just love governmental bureaucracy?  This makes you wonder just how many other totally non-sensical, retarded laws are on the books?  I’m sure some lawyers out there could come up with plenty. 


2 Responses to “Bureaucratic Ineptitude and Stupidity”

  1. Insanity! This is where health care is going—straight to ineptitude!

  2. Yes…and it relates to my Boycott GM-Chrysler blog…just say no to the govt!

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