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Football Funny Stuff

Emmitt Smith was just a tad bit better at running a football than talking about it…just a tad.  I found a website that has an entire section devoted to his ineptitude at speaking proper English.

His mangling of the English language is pretty funny on its own, but the commentary after each snippet is not only the icing on the cake, but also the ice cream, chocolate sauce, whip cream, sprinkles, and cherry – it’s hilarious.  I had tears in my eyes and had to stifle my laughter while reading this late at work. Here’s a sample with the pink link below, enjoy.

“Giants has too many guys in the secondary banged up.” (Commentary: Ahhh, the tricky has-have dilemma. When do you use “has?” When do you use “have?” This has puzzled writers for years.)

The Loquacious Emmitt

P.S. Doesn’t speak too well for a University of Florida education, or for that matter, his 6th grade English teacher.

P.S.S. The site is a treasure trove for Fantasy Football, after you’re done with the Emmitt Follies.


2 Responses to “Football Funny Stuff”

  1. Yogi Berri was the best as well as Casey Stengal.. I love em both.. Nobody goes there anymore because it is too crowded. Or how about Phil Ruzzto..Bobby Gee Check out my blog


  2. Checked it out…I’m not into soccer, but good stuff. Yogi was classic, but Emmitt’s funniness is his total cluelessness about proper verb & noun usage.

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