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NBA Draft Update…8 PGs Gone Already!

8 PGs in the 1st 21 picks!!!!

I like Minn going double PG at 5 & 6…I would gone big/little w/ Jordan Hill & Flynn, but Rubio’s not even 19 yet and has the special intangibles that the best passers have. I like Ty Lawson studying under a master (Billups) in Den, great move by them.  Toronto got a gem in DeRozen at #9 – special athlete, solid citizen, got radically better toward the end of his 1 year in college, I love him. 

Love that NJ is dumping an aging Vince to get younger and build, and then draft Terrence Williams, who’s right there with DeRozen athletically. Of course I hate the safe, boring Hansborough pick by Indy at #13…I like Jeff Teague a lot – the 6th PG taken at #19 by the Hawks.  He certainly looks better than their 2007 draft bust Acie Law (I was also wrong on him, thought he’d be good). Teague looks very explosive and smooth.  Detroit’s pick of Daye at #15 is very questionable…he looks like a 6’10” SG – I’d rather have a 6’5″–6’7″ athlete at SG. And his dad was a Bruin who did nothing in the pros.

I like Phx going E. Clark at #14 – big upside, hopefully his attitude improves w/ growth & maturity.   


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