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Media News Coverage – Worse Than Ever

Here is a link to an article covering the myriad govt scandal stories that get minimal to no coverage by the major networks.  And now the Michael Jackson death gives them another further inane distraction to follow while our government rapidly ruins our country.

This article doesn’t even cover the recent climate vote where the bill in its entirety wasn’t printed until 48 hrs AFTER the vote!!!  And it was 1200 pages!  Why such a need for burdensome unreadable behemoth monster bills anyway? Why the rush to shove this radical new legislation through Congress before actually getting to know some of the specifics in it? Do these idiot short-sighted jackasses in Congress realize how high the stakes are these days – the lifeline and future prosperity of America is at stake, and these jackasses are truly fiddling while Rome is burning. Meanwhile, China meticulously prepares to dominate the economic landscape, literally laughing at the U.S. (when Geithner visited), probably thinking ‘this will be easier than we thought’.


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