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Top 10 Draft Pick Spouts Off

There was plenty of mystery and uncertainty surrounding Brandon Jennings before last week’s NBA draft, and now there’s some outright controversy.  Jennings was the first USA prep to go straight to Europe for a year, and ended up being taken 10th by the Milwaukee Bucks after not playing much in one season there.

Here’s a link to a conversation he had with some rapper named Joe Budden (scroll down a bit for the transcript) that was briefly on YouTube before being taken down.  It’s fascinating to hear the repeated use of the N-Bomb, about 18 times between the two of them in this short conversation.  Also, the N-Bomb refers to black athletes, Knick fans, the Knicks themselves, Luke Ridnour, and Scott Skiles, so it’s definitely quite a versatile word in the vocab of these fine folks.  This is where so-called ‘social media’ is actually quite interesting and revealing – the unedited athlete having an everyday conversation w/ a buddy.


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