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Artest to Lakers!!!

Wow, what a horrible move by the Lakers. They let the 24 yr old rising talent Ariza go – a special, rare player – and signed Artest to 3 yrs at $18m.  Couldn’t they have gotten Ariza for just $4m more – 3 yrs $22m? Jesus Mitch, you watched Artest up close in his last 7 games of the season – how did he look to you?  I know he looked old, very slow, and struggled mightily to get clean looks.  And look – the stats also tell the tale for the last few years:

  • When is the last time Artest played more than 70 games? 2003-04.
  • He shot a career low 40.1% last year.
  • He turns 30 early in the 09-10 season, his 11th year.
  • His stls dropped from 2.3 to 1.5 last yr, while blks fell from .7 to .3. 
  • He’s suddenly shooting much more 3’s – 5.6/gm last year, over 10% higher than his prior career high.
  • Ariza’s #’s projected to 36min/gm this year – 13.3 pts, 6.4 reb, 2.7 asst, 2.2 stl, .4 blk, 46%…

It’s simple – to save a few nickles, they trade a rising star for a fading star, who will be vastly overpaid for the last year of this deal, at least.


4 Responses to “Artest to Lakers!!!”

  1. Don’t sound to surprised.


  2. Bad move…. Ariza was the reason behind the championship keep the same core team and the lakers go back to back… unlikely without ariza

  3. It surprises me to choose the clearly aging guy over the clearly rising young talent. Mistake.

  4. Ariza will be the next Brad Miller. Paying for a solid starter on a championship team is what makes the Lakes.

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