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Blogroll Update – GoldSeek & SportsCity

Ok, so if you’ve been visiting and looking closely, you’ve noticed that I’ve added two new sites to the blogroll – GoldSeek.com, and SportsCity.com. 

GoldSeek is a site I discovered in 2007, and have been reading almost every day since.  I’ve learned the history of money, about the death of all fiat currencies throughout history, and the importance of fiscal responsibility on a national scale.  I’ve also learned plenty about our govt, its modus operandi, and its true goals – totally unaligned with 95% of its citizens.

 SportsCity is where the Speedburner on Sports blog was born, in early 2007.  Shortly after, Todd’s Tennis Takes was born and hosted by SportsCity as well.  Besides my little blogs, SportsCity is a treasure trove of the latest daily sports news from all over the country (scroll down the front page to see), all categorized by sport.  They also have a library of all-time statistical leaders in all the major sports, and I have contributed my own stats as well to their library.  I highly recommend it for true sports fans. 


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