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Government Healthcare – NOT Optional!!

Stumbled across this little nugget at Investors Business Daily.  Inside the 1,018 page Healthcare bill, on page 16, is a provision noting that new private healthcare insurance policies will be outlawed if/when this bill becomes law.  So if you leave your job and want to shop for private covergae…sorry, your ONLY option is the govt plan.  How ridiculously un-American and unconstitutional is that!?!?

Here is the linkThis bill HAS to be defeated, for this and a myriad of other reasons. 


2 Responses to “Government Healthcare – NOT Optional!!”

  1. thanks for this: looking for stuff to put on facebook to convince my liberal friends how scarily mistaken they are. putting this little nugget right in my “told ya so” pocket…

  2. Thanks…yes, a few facts can go a long way toward changing their minds…

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