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Gangster Government

This is a C-SPAN video of Rep. Michelle Bachman, (R) Minn giving examples of heavy-handed, corporatist govt in the auto industry.  She calls it ‘Gangster Govt’, very accurately, as it’s been referred to for a few years now by many alternative economic commentators.  To see this term used on the floor of the House of Reps is beautiful – the word is getting out; more and more people are being made aware of how god-awfully bankrupt, corrupt, and anti-constitutional our govt has become.

And 1 quick word regarding the CIT, private, $3b bailout (less than 1/2 of 1% of what Wall St got in govt TARP funds alone!).  The govt did not deem CIT important enough to give a bailout to, even though they finance roughly 950,000 small and medium size businesses thru accounts receivable financing and other credit.  The govt is starving these types of businesses, while they are making sure that Wall St is paid back 100% on its credit default swap bets, many of which were truly just that – bets.  Guess what, that’s also called ‘Gangster Govt’. 

Word is getting out about how truly revolting our govt has become, as they debase our currency, try like hell to keep the truth from the people, suppress precious metal prices, and implement more and more control over our lives.  I don’t know how this is going to end, but it will be painful and extreme.  Owning real money, gold and especially silver, will help tremendously when the sh*t hits the fan. 

You can bet all your fiat dollars that China and our many other creditors know that well – just look at China’s myriad investments in tangible assets and resources this year alone.


2 Responses to “Gangster Government”

  1. Gangster government with a mob boss. Great post!

  2. Mob boss…perfect!!

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