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Best 2 Running Backs Ever

Simple…the #2 & #3 running backs on the all time list – Walter Payton and Barry Sanders.  Walter is the greatest all-around football player ever, and Barry is the greatest pure runningback ever.  In 1985, his 11th season, Walter ran for 1,551 yards – his 8th of 9 seasons over 1,300 yards rushing.  Barry averaged over 1,500 yards a season during his 10 year career, including 2,053 yards in 1997, his 9th season. 

But most importantly, no one will ever forget Barry’s moves, humility, and class, while we’ll definitely also remember Payton’s heart, toughness, amazing character, and tragically early death in 1999.  Here’s a 3 minute YouTube video of both, put to excellent music.

P.S. Speedburner Jr., now 4, sports his Barry 1996 jersey proudly. (and if you’re curious, his other jerseys have been, in order, Reggie Bush 2005 SC home, Larry Fitzgerald 2006 home, and Cadillac Williams’ home jersey in 2007).


4 Responses to “Best 2 Running Backs Ever”

  1. Jim brown is still number one. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  2. Does Jim Brown average 1,500 yds/season from 1989 to 1998…far bigger, faster, more athletic defenders than from 1957 to 1965? Not sure…

  3. I need to send that boy a Hershel Walker jersey or maybe a Knowshon Moreno one!

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