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Big Brother in Your Car…Taxing You

Rep. Earl Blumenauer from the lovely, tree-hugging state of Oregon has a genius idea to ‘rebuild and renew America’s deteriorating infrastructure’.  Put a govt GPS device that tracks miles driven in every car, so the person can then be taxed accordingly.  Brilliant!  Tell me Earl, what happens when I can no longer resist the urge to smash this extremely intrusive, Orwellian device with a hammer?  Am I soon after dragged from my car and into county jail?  Are you kidding me with this obscene idea?  What ever happened to the ‘Land of the Free’? 

And as for our deteriorating infrastructure, I thought the $780 billion stimulus package was supposed to help take care of that…or income taxes…or sales taxes…or inheritance taxes…or DMV fees…etc…  If you click the link below, you’ll see the whole story, as well as a picture of this idiot with his bow tie and a green bike on the lapel of his jacket – quite a revealing pic.

Govt GPS in Cars


2 Responses to “Big Brother in Your Car…Taxing You”

  1. Life with big brother…indeed. The scary thing is that these things are now sounding common place when spoken by the statist left.

  2. Chi Town – tell me about it! This guy made it sound like it was the ‘responsible’ thing to do…who’s gonna buy that crap? He’s not speaking to the Soviet Union circa 1985…

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