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New Blogroll Addition

If you look to the right-hand side up above, you’ll see a 3rd addition to my currently very small blogroll.  I stumbled upon this site one night around the time I started this site, 2 months ago.  Very intelligent and thorough writing – the research is solid, and she exposes Obama and the political process for what they are.  Currently there’s a list of all of Obama’s misguided actions since taking office…not even mentioning his firing of the Inspector Generals…

Hey ChiTown, if you read this…you a Bears or Bulls fan? My two favorite athletes of all time are Payton & Jordan…lucky for Chicago they got ’em both.

 Chicago Blues Girl


2 Responses to “New Blogroll Addition”

  1. Thanks, SPD! Yes Bears and Bulls and (sorry if you don’t agree:) Sox fan. I like the Cubbies, too though. My son is a really big Sox fan although he moved to CO a year ago. He goes to a game whenever he can. Walter Payton was an incredible human being.

  2. Chi-Town – You’re dead on re Walter…I pay no attention to baseball except to root against my hometown Dodgers (hated them since late 70’s).
    I like the current Bulls team a lot…game 7 vs. Boston this spring, when they were winning early 2nd Q & then went on a 0-18 anti-run, totally killed me. D Rose is special, and I love Ty Thomas, & hate Vinny for giving him so few minutes in the playoffs. Good move letting Ben G go, they were too reliant on his one-dimentional gunning. He’s overrated. Their draft pick Johnson looks legit, they should move Deng while he still has value.

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