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Ok…It’s been a while, so I’m gonna give a quick update in all the major categories. Sports is at the bottom, below Silver, and covers fantasy football, tennis, and USC football.

PoliticsWell, the beat goes on with this administration.  The Annointed Communist is speaking to our youth in their classrooms Tues Sept 8th…the great thing is, many parents are taking their kids out that day…right on!!!  Also, they want to gather info from social network sites…Please read Orwell & Ayn Rand – the parallels and similarities are getting ridiculous.  Also throw in a little Germany 1930’s…what’s happening is outright scary.

Financial Markets Equity markets dove on Tuesday this last week (S&P down from 1021 to a 998 close Tues), seemingly long overdue, but proceeded to come back largely, closing 1016 Friday, only down 1.3% for the week.  Jobs are still being lost, and inefficient govt spending is the only reason the GDP #’s aren’t way worse.  Crude is back under $70 (68.17), while long govt bond yields amazingly dropped to 3.3% on the 10 yr this week, the lowest it’s been since mid July. 

These are manipulated rates…heavily manipulated…there’s just no reason in the face of this tidal wave of supply coming to the market that yields shouldn’t be vastly higher…our govt is basically the worst debtor in history at this point.  No bank would look at its balance sheet and objectively say “yep, a 10 year loan to these guys yielding 3.44% (Fri’s close) seems like a wise decision”. 

Silver Wow!! Acting great!!  Closed $16.24 Fri, up 9.8% for the week!!  Was up almost 5% on Thurs…breaking through resistance at $16 right now, even in the face of a sideways dollar (78.14 on the dollar index, flat for the week) and softening equity markets (silver was up 1% the day equities fell over 2%). Silver is up 47% for the year, while gold is up just shy of 14% in 2009.  Click on my silver article at SilverMonthly.com to learn more about silver’s very positive fundamentals, or peruse the SPDBRNR Silver category.

And the Silver:Gold Ratio is down to 61.6, the lowest it’s been since June, it’s lowest all year, and heading lower, I think. 

Sports So I love the fantasy football team I drafted Sunday, even though I made a mistake in the 5th & 6th rounds – got Felix Jones and Bernard Berrian, could have had Ray Rice and Felix.  I shocked people taking Kevin Smith in the 1st (9th overall), but Steven Jackson fell to me in the 2nd, so all was beautiful.  Took a QB I think can explode on a high octane offense in the 3rd, Phil Rivers.  Got his best WR and a physical freak in Vincent Jackson in the 4th.

Later rounds consisted of young, fast, studly backups with upside – Ahmad Bradshaw (8th), Percy Harvin (9th), Norwood (10th), and my TE in the 12th, a true physical freak in Dustin Keller.  This guy is 6’3″ 242 and runs like a faster Brandon Jacobs…with great hands.  He and Cotchery are by far Sanchez’s best recieving targets on the Jets, and 70 catches is very possible. 

Got my namesake (Robinson) in the 13th round, a big, fast, young (3rd year) Rams WR named Laurent Robinson.  He will make a name for himself this year.  My league is in its 8th year, my 7th being involved, and the guys generally know their stuff.  12 teams, a point for each reception, and bonus points for long TD’s (Hello Percy, Felix – probably my 2 most dynamic, speedy athletes).

The US Open has experienced plenty of upsets and drama – just watched #1 women’s seed Safina lose to a 19 yr old Russian in a 3rd set tiebreaker (Roddick also lost Saturday), while at the same time Tommy Robredo – the best player to never make a slam semi? – took Flakey Blakey out in 3 straight sets, winning himself a 4th round encounter with Fed…who actually looks a bit vulnerable, though a loss would be shocking.  Verdasco and No Joke are slated to meet in the quarterfinals….can’t wait to see that!  I’ll be rooting hard for the Spaniard, and not surprised at all if he pulled off the upset to make his 2nd slam semi of 2009 (Aussie). 

And finally, my USC Trojans looked nice today. After sleepwalking through the 1st quarter (lame offense, 2 turnovers, San Jose St. a bit of offensive success), they suddenly dismantled San Jose St., running the ball down their throats for 340 yards and 6 TD’s.  Their top 3 rushers all averaged more than 10 yards/carry.  The freshman QB Barkley executed possibly the most conservative offensive game plan I’ve ever seen.  It will have to be more risky next week in Ohio St., unless they think they can just smash their o-line into the Buckeye front 7 enough to wear them out eventually…who knows, can’t wait to find out.


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