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Guess Who’s Hiring? And Giving Large Raises?

The Federal Govt of course, that’s who!

This govt wants to grow larger and larger and take more control of the economy and the people…kinda like, umm, the Soviet Union?  Remember those days?  I don’t think most of America does, seeing what is happening right before their eyes.  The health care bill, the climate control efforts – it’s suicidal to an already sick economy to burden it with these proposed climate laws and ‘cap n trade’ schemes.  And when more & more evidence is piling up that makes man-made global warming very questionable at best, and total BS at worst, they arrogantly move on and refuse to get into any meaningful, truly scientific debates on the matter. It boils my blood how tyrannical this govt has become!! 

Regarding the title of the post, click here to learn about eye-opening Federal hiring and salary activity since 18 months ago, when things starting getting a little more grim.  For example, in summer 08 just one Dept of Transportation employee was making over $170K, today it’s 1,690 making more than that. Please keep in mind that this is occuring while tax receipts have plummeted, and borrowings are breaking records on a monthly basis.


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