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Silver Price Prediction

Looking at a silver chart tonite, I think it will get to $20 (about a 10% move from current $18.12 price) by Valentine’s Day.  Silver has sprinted out of the gate in 2010, tacking on a quick 6.9% compared to gold’s 4.1% in the first 3 days of trading this year.  This is on the heels of outperforming gold in 2009 – up 57% compared to gold’s 25%. 

Knowing of the massive money printing that will take place this year in the U.S., Japan, U.K., and elsewhere, and considering that the Silver:Gold Ratio (currently 62.5) has been in a long term downtrend since peaking at 99 in 1991, it’s no surprise to see strong silver.  Also, the 12% selloff during Dec was due to correct itself.

Of course long term, 5 years out or so, triple digits is very possible, if not probable.


One Response to “Silver Price Prediction”

  1. Oops…dead wrong. Quite a volatile one, that silver, but I did buy more when spot was $15 even a week or so ago.

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