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Tiger & The Masters

This guy has become INVISIBLE since Thanksgiving…he’s spotted like the abominable snowman & Lochness Monster…it’s kinda freaky. Will he be coming out in less than 3 months for the heaviest media spotlight in the history of sports?  I don’t think so. 

Whoever fell this far before?  Whoever got this high – a global one-man empire – supposedly worth $600m the day before Thanksgiving, a whole lot less 24 hours later!!!

I can’t imagine him on a course this spring.  He’s been exposed as one of the biggest fakes of all time…he is crushed right now.  Probably imagining what his dad would say…in his own personal hell.

Guess what – you can make a trade and hopefully a buck on this guess.  A site called InTrade posts real-time markets in various props, such as today’s senate race, where it foretold of the Republican victory (thank God!). They’ve been at this since 2001.  Right now you can sell Tiger to play before Apr 30th for 70…the upside is $0 if he doesn’t play, but if you buy at 70, your upside is 100 if does play…so it’s a contrarian play – my favorite kind.  Of course, caveat emptor on a short that could go from 70 to 100 in the span of 1 press conference.


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