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Aussie Open Quarterfinals

Quickie prediction on tonite’s matches:

Fed destroys Davydenko…3 sets, Davy gets less than 12 games total in the macth.  Tsonga puts up a fight, but Djoker is too tough – wins in 4.  Murray should take Cilic out in the semis, too…Cilic gets 1 set. 

The Cilic-Del Potro match was unreal…I watched from the first serve to the last shot – over 4 & a half hours, ended around 1:40am my time.  Loved it.


2 Responses to “Aussie Open Quarterfinals”

  1. Now tennis is a sport I can really appreciate…would love to one day go to the Aussie Open…have been to the US Open in NY.

  2. I went to the US Open in 1994 and 2000, French in 2006…Wibledon as a teen in 1984…most underrated sport on the planet…these athletes are phenomenal.

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