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The Debt Ceiling – Why Bother?

 The senate just voted to raise the debt ceiling $1.9 trillion to $14.3 trillion, which at the current rate of spending, will be reached sometime in the middle of 2011, when they will likely again vote to raise the ceiling. Why do we even bother with having a debt ‘ceiling’, when it is always eventually reached, and then moved upward so as not to ‘violate’ the prior ceiling? 

It’s like telling your child, “that’s the last piece of gum for you”, but then they have another, and another, and another, as your empty threats are never followed through upon.  The ceiling never holds…it’s always exapanded, so why do we bother with it?  What is the point?  Maybe someday the Senate will vote against raising it, and then we’ll have some real fireworks as the govt would have to actually do something that everyday families, small businesses, and corporations do all the time, especially these days:  CUT COSTS!!!  Shrink their budget!!! 

Check back in mid 2011…


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