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Derrick Rose – NBA Profile

When I was a kid in the early 80’s, my favorite car was the Lamborghini Countache – one of the elite street legal cars of its time. D Rose is a Lamborgini Countache in the NBA, and has fast become my favorite PG of all time.  I first watched him in the NCAA semi’s vs. UCLA and could tell quickly he was special.  He might be the most beautiful 6′ 2″ & under scorer I’ve ever seen(definitely as good a dunker as I’ve seen from the PG position).  His quickness and explosion are up there with the elites – think D Wade (who is 6’3″ or 6’4″…I still like him more than Rose).  But with Rose’s supreme raw athleticism comes amazing coordination, body control, and smoothness combining to make him one of the best athletes on the planet today. 

Early this week I beat the wife & boys home by an hour and watched Rose vs. the Wizards.  It was the 4th quarter, and D Rose was in the zone.  He was so good I paused the game and wrote down his play sequence in about 5 minutes of game time: 

Play #1 – Stop n’ pop jumper. Very good elevation, reminded me of Marbury
Play #2 – quick, explosive drive to his left – made bucket, but charge called
Play #3 – Super smooth burst of speed for pretty reverse layup
Play #4 – A ridiculous, circus behind the backboard floater after quick move


Highlights from the game

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