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Govt Healthcare Becomes Reality

The facts and common sense, and certainly recent history, tell you that our govt cannot be trusted these days, and certainly the group of legislators in DC right now might be the worst ever…and yet despite this, thanks largely to the political skills and strategy of  The Human Skeleton, Nancy Pelosi, the govt just grew itself tremendously, expanding itself deeply further into everyone’s lives.  (Quick aside, I like to picture Pelosi’s grotesquely haggard face with flames all around it in the fiery depths of hell if it really exists.)

I read an article on the healthcare winners & losers that contained a great quote from Salon’s Steve Kornacki referencing The Witch:

“For a woman who supposedly hails from her party’s left-wing fringe, she sure has a knack for winning over moderates when it matters.”

He summed it up beautifully there.  She’s an extreme left-winger/socialist, but unfortunately is a gifted politician, highlighting the fact that by its nature politics lends itself to evil and corruption.  This is why the founding fathers were so adamant about the limited role of the Federal Govt, but Lord knows we strayed miles from that path a long time ago. 

Just ask yourself why this would be the first time the govt actually came in on budget on a major social project/service. They have a perfect record of ineptitude so far with social security, medicare, medicaid, the post office, and Amtrak, but since healthcare is so easy to manage and run (?!!?!?!?!), they will finally end their streak with this, the biggest elephant they’ve bagged yet in terms of immediate growth and newfound powers and control. 

I think of 3 words to describe our current govt: desperate, bankrupt, and corrupt. And now, sadly, taking over our heathcare system…further invading and regulating our lives, and overriding the free market.  

BTW, the free market is the cure for our healthcare woes…give policy writers and policy buyers more control over what is covered.  Let each policy be unique, let the consumer buy as much or as little coverage as he likes…each service coverage costs X amount per month, depending on the limits.  Make frequent Dr.’s office  visitors pay a bigger penalty – much higher co-pays.  The relief will come in the form of lower premiums and far less frivilous Dr. visits.


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