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Gulf Coast – Time to Abandon?

Imagine yourself in a spaceship above earth, an alien Commander, looking down on the planet for a place to live.  You come upon the Gulf of Mexico and talk to your intelligence team.

“Nice little bay there, lots of coastal water…should we live there?”

“No.  By all means no. Huge amount of toxic sludge (that makes a great energy source) and toxic gases spewing out of the earth and poisoning the water and the air for the last 70 days…and there is no end in sight. Marine life is dying by the thousands, and the humans are getting sick from the air in multiple spots.  Economic activity has been greatly curtailed.  The whole mess will be a decades long cleanup effort.”

“Oh…how sad.” said the commander, “I assume the humans are relocating to more hospitable environments?”

“No…the magnitude of the disaster has not hit the group as a whole yet, though many other humans, experts on the subject, are aware of the long term ramifications and future calamities via the weather.”

Yes…I think a highly intelligent rational visitor to our planet would look at this spill, and come to the conclusion that as a resident, abandoning the region is probably the best idea. And here below are some other reasons to have little faith in the cleanup efforts.  Fisrt of all, the awful dispersant Corexit.

Corexit is a toxic substance that breaks up the globules of oil into smaller and smaller sizes so the sludge drifts beneath the waves, into the ocean depths, ruining marine life and spreading the oil more broadly.  Thanks for that, guys.  It’s not a good idea, read here.

BP’s Planning is Suspect  “BP’s disaster response plan for a spill didn’t mention hurricanes or tropical storms”, Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass., said Wednesday during a congressional hearing.

Help is Delayed   The U.S. is delaying the deployment of the largest skimmer in the world because it needs to undergo tests to prove its safety & efficacy in cleaning up the mess. Unreal…they just don’t have the proper sense of urgency at all regarding this disaster.

Don’t See It   Congress is also squabbling over who should be allowed to see it and who should pay for the trip…wow…these crooked buffoons have more useless trips on the taxpayer dime than you could imagine, and yet when it comes to witnessing an environmental disaster unprecedented in scope, they can’t settle on protocol.  And if you’re a reporter down there trying to see the coastline or talk to the cleanup workers, forget it. See this. And this.

And why do we not hear more about the large evidence that BP cut corners on safety in the days before April 20th? We can’t trust the multinational energy conglomerate and we can’t trust our federal govt, as they also stonewall Louisiana’s efforts to contain the spill.  Things will get far worse before better down there, and the region won’t fully recover in my lifetime (hope I got 40 more down here!).


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