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The Spill – Media Access Denied

Reporters now have to stay 65 feet away from cleanup crews, booms, and vessels, by Coast Guard decree. Again…can’t let the country know what is truly happening down there. Here’s the link. It contains a video of Anderson Cooper reporting on the new rule, and then has a little commentary on Cooper & the media themselves that I’ve reprinted below…good stuff.

Actually, Anderson, to this administration, anyone trying to tell the truth to the American people is the enemy.

Maybe if folks like you would have accurately reported the background of Barack Obama when he was running for president he wouldn’t have assumed you were going to continue to misrepresent and ignore facts for his benefit after if he got elected.

To anyone with even a lukewarm intelligence quotient, this was an eminently foreseeable consequence of the media treating candidate Obama like a rock star. If they had acted like journalists back then instead of groupies, maybe they’d be treated with more respect today. 

Now that some press members actually want to act like reporters again and aggressively try to cover what’s going on in the Gulf Coast, the White House must feel somewhat spurned by his previously complicit press thereby necessitating rules to keep them from getting close to the truth now that they mysteriously seem interested in reporting it.

Of course, those on the other side of the aisle are not at all surprised, for like so many of the promises this man made during the campaign, we didn’t believe his most transparent administration in history pledge either.

Maybe in the future media won’t allow their love for a candidate to make them so gullible and compliant, but I wouldn’t count on it.


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