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NBA Summer 2010 Madness

Ok…so the rumors are Lebron in Mia w/ Bosh & Wade…I don’t believe these rumors, I don’t think he’ll end up there, but if he does, that’s a cop out in my opinion. He has fallen painfully short when it counts most deep into the playoffs…or just round 2!!  Playing alongside a proven clutch athletic stud in Wade, as well as Bosh, one of the top 3 bigs in the game, is basically saying “after 7 years, I’m not sure I can do it w/o a couple more superstars playing alongside me”. 
This guy is all about the freak show highlights on the court and absurd stat stuffing box scores, and his Texas sized ego…ESPN is pathetic to let him get by with this 1 hour publicity offering to make a 5 second statement.
 I recently read an ESPN list of the top 50 NBA Finals performances of the post merger (1976) league. Zero Lebron, who was tragic in the 2007 finals, 1 year after Wade was huge against Dallas in 2006 (his game 3 epic was #9, game 6 was #19). Jordan, Magic, Kareem, Bird, Olajuwon, Shaq were all over the list, Kobe a couple times too. No Lebron, who is arguably a superior athlete to all of them, and as skilled as any of them. He’s a perfect hero for today – all style, no substance, and constantly seeking ego gratification.
Knicks – $96m guaranteed to Amare??? He’s already declined from his 2005 peak…5 yrs ago…
Atlanta – $119m for Joe J?? a 9 yr vet SG who’ll be 35 at the end of the 6 yr deal, assuredly declining…
Boozer – $80m, 5 yrs in Chicago, nice fit.  Noah does the dirty stuff, Boozer scores in the post and also rebounds…alongside a future Hall of Fame PG in Rose.

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