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Silver Now $24.77…Dollar Plunging

I woke up Wed 10/13 morn & saw silver at $23.65 and was amazed…less than 24 hrs later it is up over a $1 from that level to $24.77…this move is getting steeper, stronger, more obvious to all. See this Bloomberg article that speaks of the Silver:Gold Ratio at 2 yr lows of 56.5, down from 64 less than a month ago, and headed to 50 and lower. The mispricing is being fixed and will be a long process, very profitable to holders of the cheap, shiny metal.

At 700 million oz./year, annual mined silver could be bought for $17.3 billion…at $24.77/oz.  Silver is STILL a massively undervalued asset!! 

Meanwhile, the dollar is getting creamed on the FX markets tonite – Euro at $1.41, Pound $1.6064, Canadian dollar at $.9980, Aussie dollar a record .9985…actually a little scary right now, these moves are getting violently stronger…Asians HATING our currency right now…and for good reason, unfortunately. 

Bookmark this link to see current intraday chart updated in real time with chart and price.


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