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Buying More Silver

Just bought a little today at my local shop – definitely got a little sticker shock w/ spot over $26/oz. I hadn’t been there for over a year…now they have to be sticklers on charging sales tax (they weren’t a couple years ago), as they are in the middle of a govt audit that has lasted 11 months…on a tiny little gold/stamp shop in a strip mall in a lower socio-economic neighborhood…behemoth, desperate, broke govt making life hard for those still willing to believe in free market capitalism…risking you’re money on a venture, taking a chance, and this is your reward – inept and inefficient govt (this shop could be audited by two guys in a week easy) radically raising the cost of doing business while driving down the motivation to start a business if you’re thinking about it.


Oh…and I’d suggest buying while it’s under $30…but you’re your own boss.


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