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Why Buy Precious Metals?

Ther are numerous reasons of course – supply/demand fundamentals, physical shortages on major exchanges, Fed/US Govt policy…but here’s another, rarely mentioned but major factor:  because China and India are. Newsflash America…you’re not in the driver’s seat in the precious metals markets anymore – the East is. The COMEX is becoming more & more exposed for the rigged game that it is, including a totally unwarranted second raising of margin minimums by another 11% just a week after bumping them 30% and causing a 10% selloff in just a couple hours. This after multiple lawsuits have been filed seeking billions from JP Morgan and HSBC for manipulating the silver market. This will have zero effect on the incredibly strong demand for physical gold & silver at current prices.

precious metals rise

Secondly, Americans as a whole have forgotten what gold is, what it represents, and how it protects. The Chinese haven’t. They give it at weddings. The Indians haven’t either, they have entire cultural events involving it. Chinese retail buyers set tonnage records in the latest quarter, even at these all time high prices. As the article linked at the bottom states:

“…consumers in these countries are becoming accustomed to high price ranges…and consumers are preferring to make gold jewelry purchases at current prices in order to avoid purchasing at higher prices in [the] future.”

These are billions of people becoming wealthier in these countries (unlike the 300 million Americans) and choosing to spend this money on precious metals. Yet another steady demand source, and currently growing. You can either join the winners and buy precious metals, or stay on the sidelines like most Americans and fall behind. The choice is yours.

Chinese, Indians & Gold Investment


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