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TTT: 2nd Best Black Tennis Player Ever


Gael Monfils…and if he played Ashe, both in their prime, same equipment, I think he’d win…but Ashe made 5 GS finals, and won 3 of those, while Monfils can only point to a 2008 French Semi for his slam success…and only 2 other career GS QFs…very poor for his talent.

But how good did he look in beating Murray and Fed at the Paris Indoors 11/12-11/13?  He made a defensive scramble towards the net in the Murray match, leaving a 7 foot skid mark, that was utterly ridiculous. When he wants to, he hits with absurd velocity.

He certainly cratered mentally at the US Open QF vs. Djoker this year, but those conditions were awful with the wind, and don’t discount the huge mental edge for Djoker as Monfils knows he’s playing a top 3 player in the world, in crappy conditions.

It’s a crime he’s not going to be in the year end final 8, as he’s currently 12th in the world…look for him to make a strong rival for Nadal in the 2011 clay season – hopefully he picks up enough pts during the clay French tuneup season to avoid meeting Nadal until late at Paris.

P.S. If you’ve never seen Monfils play, imagine a tall NBA point guard, hyper quick & athletic, playing tennis with great touch, and immense flair.


2 Responses to “TTT: 2nd Best Black Tennis Player Ever”

  1. Im guessing you mean men only. Althea Gibson son!!!!!

  2. Dude…didn’t know you were such a fan of the women…I suppose your dream Aussie final is Kleybanova wringing out her pony tail vs. Kuznetsova, just being her sexy, Kuzy self…???

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