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TTT – Aussie Update #12

So if you can’t have a Roger-Rafa Final, isn’t Djokovic-Murray the next best thing? Granted, we still need the Scotsman to take down Ferrer tonight to have that matchup, but assuming he does, we have a pretty darn good men’s final to look forward to.

They were born just 1 week apart back in May 1987 (as I was preparing to graduate high school). They each have two Grand Slam final losses, but Djokovic also has his 2008 Aussie win, at the tender age of 20. They are both playing great tennis here, and both have longed for a slam when they don’t have to worry about Roger & Rafa. The Spanish Pitbull Ferrer took care of Rafa, as well as Rafa’s hamstring, while Djokovic himself took care of the 16 Slam Master Fed, disposing of him in straight sets 7-6(3), 7-5, 6-4.

Fed is so supreme that when his game declines, his consistency declines, and his speed declines, he can still compete for majors. But make no mistake, he is not at all the Fed who dominated the tour with an iron fist from 2004 to 2007, like no man ever before. And Djokovic is an unreal player himself, but his greatness has been overshadowed by Fed & Nadal.

So now we have a chance to see the two 23 year olds show off their goods in a grand slam final, and it should be a treat to watch. Let’s just hope Murray takes care of business tonight, first.

If you watched the Dolgopolov/Murray match, where Dolgop handed him his first lost set of the tournament, you realize that this Ukranian youngster is something special. A unique, unpredictable style combined with great defense and shotmaking, the skinny little guy can pack quite a wallop on his groundstrokes and serve. Look for him to be seeded at all subsequent slams for the next 5 years or so, and eventually rise into the top 10.


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