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When I think of Wisconsin, I don’t think of cheese & milk, I think of Big 10 football, red & white uniforms, and strong running attacks. I certainly don’t think of demonstrations and revolt, but what’s going on there now is a fascinating study, and a probable precursor to many future similar scenes in many of our 50 states.

What’s amazing is the huge overreaction on the part of unions and their sympathizers that they are being ‘attacked’ by accepting these concessions. You can quit and work elsewhere people. You can be thankful you’re not part of the 20-25% who are out of work. You can maybe attempt to understand the state doesn’t have the money to balance its budget, let alone pay all the promises it has made…which is true for a majority of the other 49 states and certainly for the US Govt.

Do they have any concept of private sector employment deals, and how good they still have it in terms of job protection, pay, and benefits? Not every private sector employee is Jaime Dimon – the rank and file have far less job security than their public contemporaries…but they do have the hope of rising in the ranks.

It’s a bad sign that this kind of basic state attempt at fiscal responsibility is being met with such a temper tantrum (one sign held up: ‘Why Do Republicans Hate People?’) with leftist organizations piling on to support the ’cause’ of the unions, and ridiculous comparisons to Middle East Dictators. I will concede them one point – Wall St. got massive bailouts, why not them? Wall St should have never gotten a dime, rather than their trillions (Quantitive Easing programs are pure Wall St. bailout mechanisms – dumping their crappy debt at inflated values on the Fed’s balance sheet). But of course, with the dollar already limping, and inflation alarm bells going off everywhere, the Fed has to slow its printing before imploding our currency ahead of schedule. 

If there’s no US Govt help for these state budget gaps, get ready to see a lot more ‘Wisconsins’ this year.


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