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High Oil Prices

Tough to see much relief out there with stories like this coming out of Saudi Arabia. And don’t forget that due to the rapidly declining Cantarell field in Mexico, they will flip from an exporter to an importer in the next 4 years.

Meanwhile, the Obummer Administration has delayed and stonewalled all new drilling requests including appealing a ruling from Judge Feldman that merely asks them to expedite the process. The fact that this is happening while the Mid East is uprising and WTI oil prices have jumped 23% in 2 weeks is utterly phenomenal – this administration is dangerous and clearly against the long term good of the American people. Not a single deepwater well in the Gulf has resumed drilling since the ban was lifted months ago. And now Obummer is fighting to keep it that way!!

WORST…PRESIDENT…EVER!!!!! I can’t emphasize enough the contempt I have for this man and the socialist, anti-capitalism¬†scum he’s surrounded himself with.


2 Responses to “High Oil Prices”

  1. Lets not to mention that he wants to go into our oil reserves. Why not just mention drilling in the USA again since he has put a moratorium on drilling, but last time this happened under Bushy, all he had to do was say drill and the prices fell. Maybe Obama could say something, anything, besides his pathetic sniveling and inaction.

  2. Yes…he’d rather sell from our reserves and make govt the answer than let drilling resume and help those Gulf communities resume normalcy, better employment, and give those Americans back their sense of independence and self-sufficiency.

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