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9 Assists, 5 Blocks

There was a huge effort in the NBA last Saturday night (3/12) from Dwyane Wade – 28 pts, 5 rebs, 9 asst, 9-9 on free throws, 3 stls, 5 blks, and 1 trey…and made 9-15 from the floor. Think about 9 dimes and 5 blocks in the same game – how many times has that been done before? What kind of special talent must a player have to achieve this just once in a career? The classic big man stat married to the classic little man stat…all in the same player.

Dwyane Wade

Wilt once led the league in assists (1967-68), so he probably did it a few times, but blocked shots wasn’t an official stat when he played. Oscar Robertson averaged 9.5 asst/gm for his career and was a freakish athlete/jumper, so probably also did it a few times, but again, no block stats from his era. Nate Thurmond recorded the NBA’s 1st official quadruple-double in 1974 (13 dimes, 12 fly swats), so we know he did it at least once. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar averaged at least 4 asst and 3 blks six times in his career, so he likely did it a half-dozen times or so. Olajuwon had a quadruple-double in 1990, had 12 assists another time, and averaged at least 3.5 asst/gm four times (but never more than 3.6), so he did it at least once, maybe a couple other times. In 1993-94, David Robinson averaged 4.8 asst and 3.3 blks and had his quadruple-double, so he did it at least once, but only one other time in his career did he average more than 3.0 assists. Lebron’s career high in blocks is 5, done twice, and the odds of him having 9 dimes in one of those games is rather small, so maybe maybe not for him. Early in his career, his 3rd and 4th seasons, Jordan averaged 4.6 asst & 1.52 blks and then 5.9 asst and 1.6 blks, so he might have done it once or twice back then, or maybe later in his career, but doubtful more than 3 or 4 times total. Chris Webber averaged 4.1 asst/gm for his career, huge dimes for a big man, and averaged 2 blks/gm twice with another season at 1.9, so he might have snuck in a 9 dime-5 block performance once or twice. Finally, Andrei Kirilenko (AK-47) averaged at least 3.1 asst/gm and 2.8 blks/gm for 3 straight years (including 4.3 dimes/3.2 blks in 2005-06), so he might have a couple 9 & 5’s himself.

 So adding it all up, Wade’s feat is incredibly rare, and has probably only been matched by the best players in the game’s history…ok, so that’s doesn’t describe AK-47, but his stats were pretty darn freakish in the middle of the last decade.


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