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Speedburner on Sports – D Wade Comments!

Wow…read these comments on Lebron – piling the pressure on…my commentary is beneath it.

Wade said the postseason figures to be particularly meaningful to James.

“A lot of eyes will be on him, especially to see how he will respond with a new team,” he said. “A lot of people feel like he left Cleveland to go somewhere and win a championship. So he’s expected to do that.

“I think LeBron understands that in the last two years he has had the best record in the league. But, despite winning the MVP award, he hasn’t gotten out of second round, last year, and the year before he didn’t make it to the Finals. So I think he wants more. I think we’ll see a focused, better Lebron.”

 Why is he talking like this? Lebron is not good in the pressure cooker lately, and Wade is reminding him of that with his full resume to reporters. He better bring his A game, because these comments confidently assume D Wade being clutch…which of course, he has been in the past, carrying the Heat in 2006 to their only title. 
        Years ago, a teammate would never think of making comments like this, especially on the eve of the playoffs. How is the immature Lebron going to respond to this – he’s been called out by his co-star!

 The NBA, where Amazing happens…and if you wanna see some sweet, kind of retro new Jordans, Wade has his 1st Jordan signature shoe…some sharp looking kicks available in early May.


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