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Todd’s Tennis Takes – Fed Beats Djoker!

It wasn’t always the highest quality, but it was always the highest drama. Fed’s defense was reminicent of his heyday 5 yrs ago, and a huge key to his win today…also, his serving in the first two sets was outstanding…Djoker was very off after 4 days (thanks Fognini!!)…but he should not have let himself succumb to such negative body language like he did.

If Fed can continue to zone, maybe he gives Rafa some troubles, but the mismatched Rafa forehand and Fed backhand crosscourt always makes it tough for him. Their other 3 finals were really not great matches, Rafa winning 9 of their 11 sets in the finals from 2006-08, with only 1 of those sets going to a tiebreaker. 2008 was 6-1, 6-3, 6-0…ouch…Fed needs to be aggressive and on.


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