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Todd’s Tennis Takes – Wimby Semis All Set

The epic upset, from down two sets, is in the books, and only 1 of the Big 4 has failed to keep his date with destiny, Federer going down to a dominating, aggressive Tsonga…powering his way to breaks in 3 straight sets after spotting Fed the 2-0 lead, playing horribly in a 2nd set tiebreaker. But Tsonga served great and looked to control the points earlier than Fed from the 3rd set on, and didn’t miss much on his aggressive shots. Fed had been undefeated in slams with a two set lead before this, 178-0…it was his 3rd career 2-0 set lead loss, losing to Hewitt in 2003 Davis Cup action and to Nalbandian in the 2005 Shanghai Masters event late in the year.

Tsonga has a very good chance to make history at this Wimbledon – beat first the 3 seed, then the 2 seed, then the 1 seed in the final. Let’s look at these possibilities: Semi’s – 2 Seed Djokovic…he’s 5-2 vs. Djoker lifetime and he’s possibly playing the best tennis of his life (certainly since the 2008 Aussie – finalist)…Djoker has lost the strong mojo he had from Jan – May this year. He is still not as sharp as he was in the Masters clay finals against Nadal in the first half of May, and grass is a distant 3rd to hard court and clay as his preferred surface.

Meanwhile, Tsonga is a natural on the lawn, a 6’2″, 200lb agile monster eager to wallop serves and groundstrokes, and dive at the net reminicent of Becker in the 80’s. He will look to pound on Djoker’s 2nd serve, and overall, I think Djoker will have to be very concious of controlling points. Tsonga is generous 7-4 underdog in this match, an interesting risk.

In the other semi – Nadal/Murray – an injured but still effective Rafa is looking to make it 5 straight Wimby finals when he’s entered the event (missed 2009). His foot is still hurting, but he showed he can still move in both his 4th Rnd & QF matches (DP & Fish), and won this matchup handily here in the semis last year against Murray. Murray has a better chance this year, now in his 3nd straight slam semi, the first time he’s accomplished that feat. He will likely be extra aware of moving Nadal and putting stress on that foot, and loves to use drop shots and touch anyway. Should be a good match, but my hunch is that Rafa guts it out, having survived a tough onslaught from the talented Scot.

This is likely to leave him a bit ‘softened up’ for whomever he faces Sunday, and where we have the exciting possibility of Tsonga going for the super rare trifecta, beating the 3, 2, and 1 seeds at a slam in that order to bag his first slam victory. He’s an emotional guy who’s on his biggest high right now…would be great to see the ride continue into the history books – stay tuned for action starting with the semis Friday.


2 Responses to “Todd’s Tennis Takes – Wimby Semis All Set”

  1. Nice post here. It’s going to be a great final no matter who makes it there I think. Tsonga is a great personality and I think it’s too bad he hasn’t played into semi-finals and finals more often. There are 4 intriguing stories in each of the semi-finalists and I think it is just a testament to the amount of talent that the men’s game is putting out and the many different personalities professional tennis is offering up to fans right now. I’m personally hoping for a Nadal-Tsonga final but that’s just me and I don’t see it happening. It’s going to be a fun one on Friday. Also, you think you could take a look at my blog cuz I really want to know what you think http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/the-grunt-stops-here/

  2. Yes…I like the drama – Murray and the hopes of Britain, Djoker going for first Wimby Final, Tsonga breaking thru again, and Nadal sub 100% – good for the sport, especially if we get a Tsonga win!!

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