SPDBRNR – Eyes Wide Open
Sports, Politics, Financial Markets, Silver & More


SPDBRNR is Speedburner with no vowels, a nickname earned scrambling around sand volleyball courts in Southern California while playing with many top volleyball professionals, as well as everday v-ball enthusiasts.  My real name is Todd Robinson, and I love sports, the financial markets (ex-PSE Specialist), and silver as a long term investment.  My wife and two boys often distract me from these passions…wonderful distractions and inspiriations that the 3 of them are.

I am also an astronomy enthusiast – the deeper into space, the further back in time, the more fascinating and mind-blowing the numbers, concepts, images, and mysteries of space become.

Also, I’m writing a children’s book.  The story is finished, and 4 of the pictures are done as well.  It incorporates my favorite animals and favorite investment as well.

OTHER SITES I CONTRIBUTE TO:  www.sportscity.com, www.silvermonthly.com  At SportsCity, I have two blogs, Speedburner on Sports and Todd’s Tennis Takes, as well as an NBA Awards blog during the season and have contributed stats as well. At Silver Monthly, I do a weekly recap of the silver market, as well as various missives during the week to enlighten the public about the opportunites in the ‘miracle metal’ known as silver.


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