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Fear & Loathing in the Sovereign Debt Markets

July 20, 2011

Hunter S Thompson would love the scene, macabre and getting worse…   When big banks were caught with loads of toxic debt on their balance sheets in 2008, political leaders on both sides of the Atlantic took the easy way out, transferring those debts to government balance sheets, not unlike when a little kid cleans […]

Silver – Measurements of the Move, Outlook

April 19, 2011

Let’s look at where silver has come from in the last few years: July 2003:  One last chance to buy at the absurdly low price of $4.50…you could buy silver at over 90% cheaper than its Jan 1980 high of $50…23 years later. Silver trading at less than 1/10th the highs!!! And it’s been nothing […]

US Debt Downgrade – Goolsbee Reacts

April 18, 2011

So straight from the ‘better late than never’ dept, S&P has finally taken official action to warn investors about the ever-so-obvious risks involved with U.S. debt – like, umm, the fact that it’s basically a Ponzi scheme, since they have to issue more debt to pay off current debt. Anyway, this quote from the White […]

Silver at $40.00!!!!

April 7, 2011

For those that haven’t noticed yet, silver has finallly hit $40…and with no signs of weakness…powering thru old highs, bolting thru $40…fundamentally undervalued…. silver is the obvious play for years…1.0% of  total govt debt ($14.3t) is more than total silver(1 yr mine supply + all bullion/coins)….silver is still the play at these levels….

Silver – Onward to New Highs

April 4, 2011

Silver is $38.50 as I type this…new yearly highs up over 20% now in 2011, after closing at an all-time quarterly high of $37.87 March 31st…besting the Q4 1979 close of $32.50.  Today on CNBC Bertha Coombs talked of silver’s huge popularity right now due to its dual nature as a safety valve in crisis and inflation, while […]

High Oil Prices

March 7, 2011

Tough to see much relief out there with stories like this coming out of Saudi Arabia. And don’t forget that due to the rapidly declining Cantarell field in Mexico, they will flip from an exporter to an importer in the next 4 years. Meanwhile, the Obummer Administration has delayed and stonewalled all new drilling requests […]

Silver Busting Loose

February 17, 2011

As I type this, silver is surging over $31.40 towards 30 year highs…this move has happened quickly since the $26.50ish bottoming in late Jan. Backwardation in futures contracts started around 10 trading days ago and has only worsened, with the 2015 futures contract at a 40 cent discount to spot – totally out of the norm when […]


February 1, 2011

Here is the scene at the airport (scroll down to 3rd picture) right now…US Govt has just ordered all non-essential personnel to leave…Barack seems to think the Muslim Brotherhood will ‘play nice’ for a seat at the table. They will play nice for only as long as they have to, of course, and cannot be […]

Silver Selloff

January 24, 2011

Silver is now down to 26.75…in my mind, a great buying spot. Silver’s explosive move to close 2010 was basically from 18 to 31 – a 13 pt move (up 72.2%). If you experience a healthy 33% retracement of that move from 31 (down 4.29), you get to 26.71. Here we are – 1/3 of the […]

Jon Stewart Classic

December 9, 2010

  Daily Show Take on Ben B & printing money…hilarious and perfectly spot on in under 4 minutes.