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Skiing Big Surf in Maui

February 8, 2011

This is pretty cool…skiing 15 foot waves in Maui via tow-in with jet skis.  Video is only 1 minute, there’s also an accompanying article. Ski The Waves Advertisements

Pink Links

November 5, 2010

The color pink has suddenly stopped working for hyperlinks on my WordPress blog (did “hyperlink” originate from Asteroids where you got to use hyperspace for the first time?) …I guess I have to call them about the new problem. That’s why the links have been gray lately…

SPDBRNR’s Tweets Updated…

September 25, 2010

Check my latest tweets for thoughts on silver (on fire right now, 30 year highs at $21.46 now)…also have a USC football tweet and some Todd’s Tennis Tweets as well… SPDBRNR’s Tweets

Yes…SPDBRNR Does Tweet…

August 22, 2010

I joined a few months ago…I find that I post at random times, but usually have a burst of 2-4 posts/thoughts…various subjects, lots of sports, including Todd’s Tennis Tweets…got some Bell, CA thoughts recently. SPDBRNR on Twitter

Gulf Coast – Time to Abandon?

June 30, 2010

Imagine yourself in a spaceship above earth, an alien Commander, looking down on the planet for a place to live.  You come upon the Gulf of Mexico and talk to your intelligence team. “Nice little bay there, lots of coastal water…should we live there?” “No.  By all means no. Huge amount of toxic sludge (that […]

Cartoon Time…

March 26, 2010

The only pail missing is healthcare…

Freak Tatoos

March 15, 2010

I’m always fascinated by extreme mentalities.  By that I mean people who perform extreme behaviors or do extremely abnormal activities such as MMA fighting, being a porn star, or in this case, inking yourself up to the point of becoming a circus freak.  Check out this freak show -my favorite is the fast food guy.  

Hummer Dies…

February 24, 2010

Symbolic of the American consumer society as a whole, Hummer has died.  A deal to sell the line to a Chinese construction firm fell through late in negotiations (read here). To get an idea of how fast Hummer sales plummetted in the last few years, consider these numbers:  In July 2007 Hummer sold 4,500 of […]

Crime Cartoon

February 11, 2010

This says it all…

Amazing Autistic Artist

February 8, 2010

This artist draws detailed pictures of cities, from memory,  after having only seen them for a brief period of time.  He’s autistic as well – a fascinating study of the underdevelopment of one brain function and the amazing, super-human development of other brain functions in one mind.  Enjoy this under 3 minute video segment on […]