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Todd’s Tunes 1/12/10

January 12, 2010

’In The Year 2525’ – Zager and Evans…1969 – The single was released in 1969 on RCA Records, but it was actually written by Evans in 1964, and first released on an unknown small label in 1967.  The song was #1 in both the U.K. and the U.S., but the duo would never have another song […]

Todd’s Tunes 9/13/09

September 13, 2009

Musical post from SPDBRNR favorites’ ’Because’ – Beatles…1969 – Off their last album Abbey Road, it opened side 2 of the original LP. It features an electric harpsichord, a favorite instrument of mine and used in analog form in Baroque musice in the 1700’s (Bach, Vivaldi, Handel).  The lyrics are very 60’s psychadelic, as is the extremely mellow […]

Todd’s Tunes 8/12/09

August 12, 2009

Musical post from SPDBRNR favorites ‘Monolith’ – T. Rex…1971 – Off their album Electric Warrior, which featured their biggest commercial success single ‘Bang a Gong’, though I believe it’s barely in the top 5 on one of my favorite albums of all time. ‘Monolith’ is the best song on Electric Warrior, followed by ‘Cosmic Dancer’. I […]

Todd’s Tunes 8/07/09

August 7, 2009

Musical post from SPDBRNR favorites ‘Frank Sinatra’ – Cake…1996 – Quite simply one of the top 5 songs of the 1990’s in my opinion.  From their second album ‘Fashion Nugget’. Beautiful melody, unique ensemble of instruments including a horn…a sad, longing tune. I never tire of hearing it. 

Todd’s Tunes – July 15th, 2009

July 15, 2009

Daily musical post from SPDBRNR favorites ‘April 26th, 1992 (Miami)’– Sublime…1996 – This homage to the post Rodney King verdict L.A. riots came out 4 years after the fact, with a very unique blend of reggae, ska, and a little punk…mixed in w/ police radio clips, and funny lyrics throughout.  This particular video, a cartoon, is […]

Todd’s Tunes – 4th of July, 2009

July 4, 2009

Daily musical post from SPDBRNR favorites ‘Sweet Dreams’– Marilyn Manson…1995 – I always liked the original version from the Eurythmics from back in 1983 – first heard when I was at summer camp back then – but then when I heard MM’s cover 13 years later, I really loved it!  Dark and intense, it’s one of […]

Todd’s Tunes – 6/25/09

June 26, 2009

Daily musical post from SPDBRNR favorites ‘Smooth Criminal’– Alien Ant Farm…2001 – I never liked Michael Jackson, but this song and Billie Jean were pretty good, and Alien Ant Farm’s cover rocks.  Of course, Jackson himself was a pretty smooth criminal, getting by with his puerile sleepovers…Bizzare, messed up guy, but musical genius – I guess […]

Todd’s Tunes – 6/24/09

June 24, 2009

Daily musical post from SPDBRNR favorites ‘El Condor Pasa’ – Simon & Garfunkel…1970. From the Bridge Over Troubled Water album that came out when I was 2 yrs old.  A classic from the legendary duo, it ranks right behind ‘Sounds of Sience’ in my opinion as their 2nd best song.  Beautiful flute, beautiful melody; no one is […]

Todd’s Tunes – 6/22/09

June 23, 2009

Daily musical post from SPDBRNR favorites ‘Civil War’ – Guns ‘n Roses…1991.  Off the Use Your Illusion II album, this song is my favorite off either I or II.  The song starts with a direct cut from the movie ‘Cool Hand Luke’ alongside beautiful acoustic guitar introducing the melody.  An 8 minute song, it soon rocks out in classic heavy metal […]

Todd’s Tunes 6/21/09

June 22, 2009

Daily musical post from SPDBRNR favorites ‘Scotland the Brave’ – The one piece that you always think of when you think of bagpipe music, I was unable to find any detailed info on it.  Very pretty music.