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NBA Awards 3/25/13

March 25, 2013

Friday Night Highlights/Postscripts 1) Wizards Rally from 18 Down Behind Wall, Ariza to Defeat Lakers 103-100 — John Wall was stellar (24/6/16, 3 stl, just 1 T/O) and Trevor Ariza hit 4 of his career-best 7 treys in the 4th Q as the Wizards improved to 7-26 on the road after defeating the Lakers at Staples […]

NBA Awards 3/21/13

March 21, 2013

Miami Spots Cleveland 27 Pt Lead, Comes Back for 24th Straight Miami came into Cleveland where it all started for their star LeBron – childhood, grade-school hoops prodigy, high school fame and glory, and then the first 7 years of his NBA career. They spotted the Cavs a 55-34 halftime lead, then 67-40 with 7 […]

NBA Awards – 3/19/13

March 19, 2013

Heat Squeak By ‘Leprechaun Team’ to Record 23rd Straight  Yes, according to my 5 yr old, the Celtics are the ‘Leprechaun Team’ as he, his older brother, and myself watched the final 4 minutes of action last night (the little guy & I rooting for #23, older bro hoping for the Boston upset). LeBron went […]

NBA Awards 2/21/13

February 21, 2013

Wednesday Games – Harden Finds The Zone vs Former Team        In one of the more memorable regular season games in the last few years, James Harden and the Rockets hosted OKC, and Harden was En Fuego!! He was 14-19 from the floor, but it was his 4th quarter shooting that brought Houston […]

NBA Awards – 2/5/13

February 5, 2013

Monday Action…Clipper Woes Continue The Clipper Curse, seemingly dormant that last 18 months or so, might be resurfacing. CP III missed his 8th straight game with the bruised kneecap (team has lost 6 of those games), Blake (hammy) just missed the first game of his career (besides his entire first season), and they can’t even beat poor […]

NBA Awards – 1/3/13

January 3, 2013

Correction: Yesterday I said this: “…May 1983 when my 76ers swept the Lakers in 4 straight for their only title.”  Completely wrong…somehow I’d forgotten 1967 when Chamberlain led the 76ers to the title, beating the Celtics 4-1 and then the San Francisco Warriors (led by a 2nd yr SF who’d averaged 35.6/9.2/3.6 asst that year – Rick Barry) […]